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Tired of lengthy discussions with no results? Find the best solution with your group in 3 simple steps.

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Why konsens


Let everyone in your group add and rate proposals.


Gather and compare proposals in one central place.


Make decisions everyone supports by revealing your group’s resistance.


Contribute no matter when and where you are.

No signup

Invite people with a link. No email or account needed.


Use konsens for free and support us if it helped you.

Make better decisions faster

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When to use konsens

Family & Friends

Family dinners, birthday presents, bachelorette parties. Say goodbye to inefficient discussions in group chats.


Successful organisations involve their employees when making decisions with broad effect.

Political Institutions

Political parties, communities and associations unlock collective creativity to solve the biggest problems of our time.

Questions konsens can help answer:

What should we do for Alex’s bachelorette party?

Keep track of your ideas and make voting easy.

Which organisation structure fits with our values?

Involve people in big decisions early on.

Which days should be our office days?

Easily find options that work for everyone.

How can we reach more people?

Make use of collective knowledge and experience.

What would be a suitable gift for our colleague?

Avoid embarrassing situations.

Which pricing model should we choose?

Don’t leave important decisions up to spontaneity.

How might we improve our remote collaboration?

Include different perspectives and contexts.

Which street should be closed for car traffic?

Involve people affected and collect pros and cons.

Where should we go for our yearly trip?

Increase options while making everyone happy.

Which feature should we build next?

Speed up decision-making to iterate and learn.

Make better decisions together

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How konsens works

Find the best solution with your group in 3 simple steps:


Someone in your group creates the question and invites everyone via a unique link.


Everyone with the link can submit proposals that answer the question.

Decide with your group when to end the proposal phase.


Everyone with the link can rate each submitted proposal with resistance points between 0 and 10.

Wait until everyone has submitted their rating before ending the rating phase.


konsens identifies the best proposal for your group. You can settle on a solution or keep iterating – and use konsens again.

You can delete your decision anytime or it will be deleted automatically 42 days after you started it.

Make a decision in 3 simple steps

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